StrategyHack helps digital agencies win & retain business by matching their marketing teams with real startups in a one-day strategy workshop.


Win and retain more agency clients 


Pitch windows are getting shorter. Your team must analyze client goals in less time and deliver better results through innovative ideas.

StrategyHack's time-limited workshop teaches marketers to work quickly and nurtures creativity, resourcefulness, and collaboration.

Expose your team to new ideas

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Is your team future-oriented? In an age of constant disruption, your teams must anticipate change and adapt effectively. 

In a StrategyHack workshop, marketers learn cultural intelligence and how to see upcoming trends as tools to achieve client goals.

Cultivate and keep talented employees


Your employees are experts, and they need to flex their marketing muscles to stay relevant.

Dealing with real companies in real scenarios raises the stakes and boosts motivation, accountability, and responsibility. It's fight or flight - and flight isn't an option.